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TravelRent SERWIS

This document is an agreement between the administrator of web site: www.travelrent.pl (Service) and all users using the Service called Clients/Users.

1. General Regulations

These Regulations specify the access rules, responsibilities and any other information relating to services offered by http://www.travelrent.pl, hereinafter called Service for companies / individuals ordering services or using the services, hereinafter called as Clients and companies / individuals posting accommodation facilities, advertising and other commercial and not commercial announcements in the Service hereinafter called as Users. The owner and Administrator of the Service is Travel Rent Piotr Szumski based in 04-771 Warszawa, ul. Łańcucka 2A
Visiting service, Client / User accepts the current provisions of these Regulations of use and agrees with all its principles. Familiarize yourself with the rules is necessary.

2. The nature and objectives of the service WWW.travelrent.pl

Www.travelrent.pl service is a portal of information and publicity, whose main purpose is to collect offers of accommodation services in Poland and abroad (Users), and making this offers to Clients. In addition, service collects offers from Users associated with tourism (gastronomy, culture, sports, shopping, events, etc.) and make that offer information for those interested in (Clients). In addition, the Service provides for Clients / Users) the places for their advertaisments.
3. Registration Clients / Users

A User who wants to add to the database www.travelrent.pl his offer / a guest house / usable space / advertising / interesting / etc must register for free, which is done automatically after filling a form and verified by the Administrator of the Service, through the interface on the site (http:// www.travelrent.pl). Once registration is complete the person becomes able to log into the User Zone to enable the addition, modification or withdrawal of the offer.

The given data must be consistent with the facts. Client / User is obliged to update their contact information immediately upon any change in these data. It is forbidden to use the accounts of other Clients / Users and giving the access to account to unauthorized persons or other Clients / Users.

4. Publication of:
a/ ofers
applies to all forms of paid and free information on entities and facilities offering accommodation services in Poland and abroad as well as entities and facilities related to tourism (gastronomy, culture, sports, shopping, events, etc.).
Offer publication in database.
User offer is added to the database immediately after the acceptance of the Service Administrator. Acceptance of the Service Administrator depends on, among others subjects, the amount payable by the User in accordance with the rates for Services. Service is committed to the approval of the entry and invoiceing on User request after payment of duty by User for services ordered on the bank account (in the case of paid services) according to the price list. If the last day of subscription will not make another payment proof, the entry is deleted. The service has the right to correct information entered in order to properly match the database format. User agree to present on the portal, opinions of its facility. Opinions expressed are in accordance with applicable regulations described in this document. Published offers after expiry of the package purchased by User or terminate the promotional period are automatically transferred to a free basic package in accordance with this document and price list.

b/ advertisments
applies to all forms of paid promotion of information on the portal www.travelrent.pl. Publication of advertising Client / User Advertising is added to the database immediately after the acceptance of the Service Administrator. Acceptance of the Service Administrator depends on, among others subjects, the amount payable by the User in accordance with the rates for Services. Service is committed to the approval of the entry and invoiceing on User request after payment of duty by User for services ordered on the bank account (in the case of paid services) according to the price list. The service has the right to correct information entered in order to properly match the database format.
c/ useful places, points of interest
applies to a non-commercial, which will be submitted by the Administrator of the service on the basis of information obtained from its own sources and from Clients / Users.
Publication of useful sites, points of interest, Useful sites, points of interest interest will be added to the database immediately after the approval of the Service administrator. Service is committed to the approval of useful sites, points of interest after validation their content. The service has the right to correct information entered in order to properly match the database format.

5. The rights, responsibilities and Users capabilities

When registering in Service www.travelrent.pl Client / User agrees to provide during the registration the real information, undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of own password and agrees to be responsible for all consequences caused by both own or authorized by Client / User person. The Customer / User shall immediately notify the Administrator of the Service about any unauthorized access to the site.

Entering incorrect data empowers the Administrator to remove the entry also after the payment of subscription fee according to price list. Administrator reserves the right to terminate the account, unless the entry was created once again or stop of service due to violation of Regulations described in this document. Portal will provide a presentation of the Accommodation Facility in accordance with the price list. The Client / User can modify the data using a unique username and password. Service guarantees the ability to search the object by the portal visitors, according to number of parameters. Position on the search results list of objects that meet the search criteria is dependent on the options purchased by the Client / User.
Client / User has the right to publish their contact details, information about their offer, and photographs in accordance with the Regulations resulting from the price list. The Service Administrator reserves the right to automatically change the size and compress photos posted on the Website. Client / User can specify the address of own website, but can not publish the addresses of sites with similar activities as www.travelrent.pl. Client / User is entitled to any number of changes to the content of their offers, or to replace his offers. Client / User has the right to modify or delete own offers. In the case of total closure of cooperation Client / User is obliged to notify the Service in writing.
When accepting payment from the Client’s reservation, the Portal Administrator acts only as agent of the entity whose property or the offer has been posted on the portal (User). Client agrees that any claim for reimbursement of the Client booking deposit or other claim (ie damages) addressed to the Administrator of the portal or third parties acting on its behalf, regardless of the legal or factual basis (eg, the abandonment of service, claims for non-performance or improper performance of services by the User, etc.) will be considered and met directly by the User, and the portal Administrator is exempt from liability to the Client.

6. Obligations and rights of the Administrator

Service is committed to the continuous and uninterrupted service, for which the User has paid the subscription fee, unless there has been no violation of Regulations described in this document. If there is a need for temporary disconnection of access to certain services, the Service undertakes to inform that its Clients / Users in advance (information on www.travelrent.pl. or e-mail or direct contact).

Service undertakes to ensure the presentation of User offers on the portal site which is available on the Internet at: www.travelrent.pl. Service is committed to promoting the Internet address www.travelrent.pl. and Users offers. Service guarantees offers searching based on many parameters.

The Administrator is not responsible for any problems arising from delays caused by the third parties such as banks, post office, telecommunications operators.

7. Privacy Policy

During the use of the Service Client / User may be asked to provide certain personal information by filling out a form. Data transmitted during the registration and other personal data that may be collected from Clients / Users when using the Service, shall be collected and used to contact the Client / User.

Data on the object, achieved during addition of offers are presented in the Service in a transparent manner and are available for all portal visitors.

Client / User agrees to processing of personal data by the service provided when logging for the purpose of proper Service functionality and the issue of invoicing in accordance with the provisions of the law on personal data protection and consent to the processing of information for marketing purposes, placing them in a database and to receive commercial information from the portal www.travelrent.pl. within the meaning of the Act on electronic services. (Ustawa z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r. tekst jednolity Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926)
Service reserves the right to transfer Client / User data to contractors and to promote purposes, reserves the right, to place advertisements in newspapers and other media and services and publications. Client / User has the right to access, modify and delete personal information from the Service.

8. Property rights and copyrights

The materials included in the offers and come from Clients / Users are their properties and can not in any way be used without the permission of their owners. If the Client / User or any other person believe that the Client / User or anyone’s copyright, intellectual property rights were in any way violated on the Service www.travelrent.pl shall immediately send the information on this matter to Service Administrator. Administrator and the owner are not responsible to the Client / User or any third party for any breach of the above rights, resulting from the inclusion of data by any Client / User.

9. Fees, Free Services

Free Services relate to the basic package, and their scope is described in the price list. Formal fees for the presentation are present in the price list on the Service site and are dependent, inter alia, the selected type of package, its variant, the location of advertising on the site, duration or number of views.
The amount of subscription is indivisible, ie that you can not make a charge for a period shorter than the length of subscription period for the ordered service.
Cancellation of services before the expiry of the subscription period does not entail a proportional amount of the refund of subscription. Payment of the subscription fee makes them independent from changes in price list, i.e. any reduction or increase in price list shall not apply to the Client till the end of the paid subscription period.
Services are stopped after the expiry of the subscription period, unless the payment has been made for the next period (published offer in this case goes automatically to a free basic package).
Client / User authorizes the Service Administrator to issue an invoice without the signature of the Client / User.

10. Activity of Clients / Users and data sending

The Client / User may send to the Service of its information, materials, documents.

The activities of the Client / User can not be inconsistent with the norms of culture, generally applicable laws, in any way dangerous for others, and therefore Client/User will not sent to the Service, or through the Service any information and materials: that would violate generally accepted standards of culture, vulgar, indecent, obscene, illegal, information, materials and statements, which call for intolerance, hatred, violence, cruelty and violation of rights in any way.

Client / User can not violate the rights of other Clients / Users and third parties, particularly the right to dignity, privacy, data protection, freedom of expression and, therefore, refrain from statements that are offensive, aggressive, and will not collect or remove any data on other Clients / Users.

Client / User will not use the Service mechanisms for sending unwanted materials, which are considered spam and will not distribute illegal software.

Client / User agrees that the service www.travelrent.pl have the right to modify or remove any entry in the Client / User for any reason. Any attempt to intervene in the Service software or/and service equipment, breaking passwords or codes and using them in a manner inconsistent with the rules, give rights to legal consequences.

11. Warranty Exclusions

Presented on the Service ads and their content does not constitute an offer within the meaning of article 66 KC (Polish Civil Code), even if it occurs in the name of the “offer”.
Client / User understands that the materials published on the site may contain inaccurate information or do not respond to its needs and expectations. Client / User agrees that use of the Service www.travelrent.pl solely at your own risk and own responsibility and any information, materials or services provided through the Service are offered without any warranty. Service is not responsible for the content of web sites whose addresses appear in the placed offers.
Service is not liable for damages resulting from incorrect or incomplete information posted during registration, the occurrence of force majeure such as flood, fire, actions of factors and others persons, such as hardware or software failures on the network).

12. References to other sites (links), announcements and advertisements

The Service www.travelrent.pl are published references to other sites (links). They may also be published announcements and advertisements of Clients / Users. Service www.travelrent.pl is not responsible for the content, accuracy or availability of information to which there are references (links).

There is absolutely prohibited: placing links and advertising of other websites offering similar services, placing links to other sites instead of object descriptions, links with referential number, publishing pictures with ads containing other information that Client / User object description. These offers will be modified by the Administrator of the Service or completely removed from the site.

13. NEWSLETTER Service

1. As part of the above services, via electronic mail to the address specified by the user, is sent electronic mail in a cyclical manner, hereinafter referred to as “Newsletter”.

2. Newsletter subscription service is free of charge and available to each Client / User.

3. Customer / User order the “Newsletter” by entering his e-mail address using form on the website www.travelrent.pl.

4. Using by the Client / User the services provided via electronic mail is subject to possession of an active and correctly configured mail account.

5. Every “Newsletter” subscriber can resign from receiving the mails by clicking the link present in each message footer.

6. E-mail address, given by the subscriber for the purpose of subscription newsletter will not be further processed and transmitted to third parties without his consent.

14. Dispute Resolution

Client / User agrees that these Regulations shall be subject to Polish law. Any disputes that may arise from the implementation of the commitments contained in these conditions shall be settled by the relevant local and common court for the localization of the owner of Service.

Client / User agrees that in the event that any provision of these Regulations is deemed unlawful by a court of competent jurisdiction, the court does not repeal other provisions of these Regulations and, therefore, all other provisions remain unaffected.

Client / User agrees that in case of conflict between the Regulations described in a specific document on the site and signed by the Service, and conditions set out in these Regulations, has always taken to be important conditions set out in the specific document.

Service is not involved in any disputes arising between Client / Users of the Service. Any dispute concerning the content or advertisements contained, and the effect of the failed transactions between Clients / Users will be solve their own Clients / Users. Service is also not involved in any legal action connected with the resolution of such disputes.

16. Unsolicited messages and messages

Service reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to people whose contact information obtained through activities related to the Service www.travelrent.pl. By this is meant information directly relating to the Service, for example, information about the changes, internal promotions, non-commercial letters eg greetings, information about viruses, personal comments, etc. and advertisement information which was paid for by the sponsor supporting www.travelrent.pl

17. Remove, lock, change the category

Service Administrator reserves the right to terminate Client / User account who violates any provision of these Regulations, advertises the competitive service, whose actions are determined by Administrator as harmful for Service, who open more than one account. Service reserves the right not to inform the Client / User about above steps.

Service Administrator reserves the right to remove the offer or transfer it to another category, which violates any provision of these Regulations, advertises the competitive service, which in the same form will appear repeatedly, which will not be paid in a timely manner, will be placed in the wrong category, if its content or the included graphical elements are incompatible with the nature of the Service.

Fees paid for ads removed for reasons of violation of these Regulations are not refundable. Service Administrator reserves the right to change the category of ads to be placed in the wrong category. Cases of breaking the law will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

18. Changes of Regulations

Service Administrator reserves the right to make changes in the Service at any time without the need to inform Clients / Users, except the case of Regulations changes. In this case appropriate announcement will be posted in Service with information about new content of Regulations. Client / User is obliged to regularly review these conditions and Regulations, and using the Service after those changes is equivalent to their acceptance.

19. Additional notes

Except as otherwise indicated in the Price List or separate agreements with the Clients / Users: Service is not involved in transactions made by Clients / Users of the service, does not charge any fee, commission for finding a contractor. The Service is available only as an broker a resemblance both parties to the transaction. Service cannot ensure that each of the parties involved act in good faith. Service is also not able to control the reliability of people using the service. Client / User makes a transaction at your own risk.


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